Letter from an Impatient “Paladin”

Letter from Zeb Ya. Dear Big Baby Brother, I am disappointed in the fact that you didn't detail to everyone HOW I saved your bottom in that pirate cave, using my all white and holy paladinly skills. I'm going to tell everyone (including your other brother) that you are playing with magic again (crystals!) and… Continue reading Letter from an Impatient “Paladin”


The Sound of Singing Griffons

Letter from: Zakhin’Dakh, in response to this note. Yeah, it was really strange turning into a cat-person-thingy! Walking on two legs is kind of hard! But it seemed like maybe the magic that turned me into one helped? I'm not really sure. I don't really know much about magic-y stuff. It sounds like the black… Continue reading The Sound of Singing Griffons


Griffons, Catpeople and Other Eorzean Strangeness

Letter from Zakhin'Dakh: Hi! I'm Zakhin'Dakh! You had magic-y stuff happen that put you in Hydaelyn too? Wow! That's funny! That happened to me too! And it even turned me from a griffon to this... cat-person thingy. I think they call it a... mikot? Miquote? Something like that. But I've gotten good with a bow,… Continue reading Griffons, Catpeople and Other Eorzean Strangeness