Ben’s Journal

13 — A Crystal Vision


The stranger and I battled the creature of the void (or whatever he called it). For having such a frightening name, the beast was fairly easy to take down.. even with me still getting a feel for the way magic worked in this world.

I found, to my surprise, the boundaries that held me in my original dimension didn’t apply here. Not only was I able to tap into the energies of the “white” mana, but I was able to use them without penalty.

After we defeated the creature, the man went to check on the wayward lalafell. Something glittering in the darkness caught my eye, however.

I walked closer, seeing the familiar shape of a crystal lying on the ground.


Was this was left behind after vanquishing the fiend..?

For all of my experiences with crystals over the years, I should have known not to touch it. But, something about it called to me. I almost couldn’t resist.

The crystal appeared to float as I cupped my hands around it. It shown with a brilliant blue light, and suddenly, I found myself in the strange dream-void once again. This time, a circular pattern stretched around me, encompassing my form.


One of the outer circles shot a beam of light into the void, and the crystal silently seated itself in this pillar. I didn’t know what this was, or what it meant, and I didn’t have time to ponder it. The familiar presence and coaxing voice I’d heard when I was first pulled into Eorzea returned.

Hear… Feel… Think…

I spun around as the pattern below me faded to nothing. A roaring sound erupted from above. Staring up, I saw the “sky” of the void begin to open up with a fiery light, raining meteors from a flaming maw.


I was witnessing a vision, something important from this world’s past — I was sure. But I didn’t know what it meant!

My form began to waver and glow, the voice returning as the sky grew calm again. The voice named me. Then, it named itself.

-Crystal Bearer… I am Hydaelyn. All made one.-

Before me floated a strangely shaped crystal. A large one, almost as tall as me. I could sense the presence and awareness within it. This was unlike any crystal I’d seen back at home. I didn’t know whether to be amazed… or terrified.


For now, the awareness spoke to me in gentle, nonthreatening tones. So I chose to listen.

She — it sounded like a she — spoke of light and darkness. How the light of the world was growing dim, being replaced by the shadow. This darkness threatened to bring about the end to life itself.

Her tone turned pleading as she asked me to assist this world (ME? A stranger to this world!), and told me that the crystals were the key to driving back the darkness. That I needed to journey to find and claim the crystals in order to do this.

This… sounded quite familiar. If only she knew who she was asking.

Or perhaps, it’s familiar for a reason. I’ve seen echoes of overlapping parallels between worlds in many strange ways. Perhaps this was the part I was meant to play in Eorzea.

That’s when I looked down and saw it. A crystal so immense… I completely lack words to describe it. Oh how wrong I’d been to think that smaller crystal was Hydaelyn’s actual form!


I floated closer and closer, to my apprehension, unable to do anything else. She was drawing me nearer, and despite not having any personable features I could see, it felt as if she was sizing me up for the task she’d just placed before me.

I had not given her an answer. I didn’t know if there was any way to refuse.

As if sensing my hesitation, Hydaelyn spoke again.

-By thy deeds shall the Crystals reveal themselves to thee. Only believe, for the Light liveth in thy heart.-

I struggled with that thought for a moment. Light in me? She really couldn’t have chosen a worse person for this job.

That’s when I noticed I was not alone. There were other people, all shimmering with harmonious light like myself, drawn to the presence of the crystal. That’s when I realized…

I am not the only Crystal Bearer.

There were others, similar to myself, being rallied to the cause. And they seemed to understand and know more about how this worked than I did. Using the power of the crystal, they were able to propel themselves around Hydaelyn, flying through the void.


Floating back a bit, I was stricken by the sight. Streams of blue and silver light spun around the form of Hydaelyn. Other people. Other Crystal Bearers. So many of them…


-Go now, my child, and shine thy Light on on all creation.-

As the words echoed in my mind, I found myself able to take flight within the void, too. Suddenly, something so impossible was so easy.

I shot skyward. The flaming void was no longer there. Instead, I saw a welcoming light. I knew that it would take me beyond the void once more. Back to the world that was suddenly in my care to protect.

How am I going to do this?


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