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Lotsa Special Events!


The special events held in FFXIV haven’t made it into this journal since they don’t fit into the overall storyline yet. But I’ve still been going through them and earning the rewards for Ben as they come.

So far, he’s taken part in: The Moonfire Faire, The Rising, and now the Yo-kai Watch repeat events. I have pictures from them that I want to share!

Moonfire Faire

The Moonfire Faire made Ben do something he normally doesn’t do — swim! And the rewards included a less than idea… uh… swim suit. But Ben still got one, even if he’d be way too shy to wear it!

Ben swimming. He doesn’t look so sure.
The only time you’ll see Ben in this outfit.

The Rising

An anniversary event for FFXIV. This year, Ben challenged the depths of the Cheap Dungeon to help the Wandering Minstrel escape the confines of the bugs.

Ben meets Yoshi-P!
Just thought this was a nice smile. 
Watching the fireworks!

Yo-kai Watch Event

The Yo-kai event is a crossover with FFXIV and Yo-kai Watch where you can gather all the different minions that look like the Yo-kai. There are weapons that go along with it, and even a funny little carnival-ride like mount.

I knew that I had to get the whole set for Ben. But before that, I needed to unlock his chocobo, since it requires finishing a lot of FATEs. Thanks to Amoon, I did get it all done and unlocked the new mount!

What’s this thing?
A friendly ghost!
Yay for fast double-seater chocobos! 
Ben is having way too much fun with this thing.

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