Letter from an Impatient “Paladin”

Letter from Zeb Ya.

Dear Big Baby Brother,

I am disappointed in the fact that you didn’t detail to everyone HOW I saved your bottom in that pirate cave, using my all white and holy paladinly skills. I’m going to tell everyone (including your other brother) that you are playing with magic again (crystals!) and getting yourself in trouble doing the interdimensional hops and interfering with Eorzean politics. He’ll be quite interested in how you are trying to imitate the “Worrier of Light” thing! You’re going to be in so much trouble! Mweh heh heh!

Your saintly brother,

P.S – Oh, and your ears are still big… and they kinda flop down.

Dear Zeb,

It’s true you assisted me in my first foray into Sastasha. However, I haven’t quite reached that point in chronicling my writing in this journal. I will get there, though!

I know that you’re very proud that you are a Paladin and White Mage in Eorzea. Seeing that you’ve been around these parts longer than I have, maybe you’ve also been guilty in playing with magic, crystals and getting yourself into interdimensional trouble.

How come we didn’t hear about this before? What are you hiding?

Anyhow, since you must be so impatient, here is a picture to prove you did, indeed, assist me in Sastasha. I thought the holy Paladin sunlight beam was a nice touch.

The rare Paladin Zeb.

I hope that helps you learn some Paladinly patience.

Also, my ears aren’t big. They’re just expressive!

Your better brother,



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