Ben’s Journal

15 – Doing Dirty Work

I set out to assist the people of Ul'dah, as I promised I would. Needless to say, what work I did find was all very trivial... to me, at least. Deliver pumpkins. Clear the tracks of vermin. But, then I stumbled on a bit of information that seemed to be leading to something larger. A… Continue reading 15 – Doing Dirty Work

Ben’s Journal

14 – Upon Awaking

Upon waking, I found myself back in the desert, under the Sultantree. Immediately, I was greeted -- and chided -- by the strange man whom I assisted earlier. He explained that the creature we'd fought was called a voidsent and that I'd mysteriously fell asleep after defeating it. He attributed this to too much aether.… Continue reading 14 – Upon Awaking

Ben’s Journal

12 – Looking for Royalty in All the Right Places

Papashan seemed relieved when I returned to him to let him know the pretzels were delivered. However, like Momodi, I could tell there was something else he really wanted. Was that all just some sort of test to see if I would follow through on even the most menial of tasks? He quickly explained, "A… Continue reading 12 – Looking for Royalty in All the Right Places